Sabine Wieger

“Your customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Damon Richards

Sabine is a great sales coach. Why? Because her approach to sales is not ‘salesy’, which totally works for me. She teaches and coaches you to understand your style and to focus on client needs. She is very effective and a lot of fun to work with.

C. M., Entrepreneur, Miami

Sabine will help you in a personal, structured and committed way to identify your blind spots and understand your own and other peoples’ motivation with regards to the issue at hand thereby exposing new perspectives. From there she will help you to develop new ways of dealing with the issue and acting on it.

C.S., Sr. Legal Counsel, Austria

Sabine is an outstanding coach with exceptional skills. Working with her helped me in many ways. She carefully selected the tools and reflection techniques that enabled me to approach my work in a much more structured and efficient manner. The sessions with Sabine lead to a clear view of my goals and how to reach them. In the beginning we worked in face-to-face meetings and when I left New York I had some doubts if online-coaching would be as effective. It turned out to be a great alternative. She now coaches me no matter which city my work takes me to. Our weekly sessions help me tremendously to overcome obstacles and mental blockades. Sabine is very attentive to my needs and working with her led me to be much more self-reflected. Her constant positive attitude inspires me again and again. And most importantly after every session I feel positive and have a clear vision how to tackle the next challenge ahead of me.

C.M., Lawyer, Frankfurt, Germany

I can definitely recommend working with Sabine. During a period of only one month, I developed a new vision for my company and effectively managed my limiting believes. This is something I have been struggling with for a long time, which proves how super effective it is to work with a very skilled coach like Sabine!

T.A. Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur for an online service business, New York City, NY

Sabine was able to help me in a very challenging time of my life. She showed me how I can transform the negative thoughts and limiting believes I had at that time into positive actions. Learning to see opportunities has opened up so many new doors and possibilities for me since I started the coaching process.
Working with Sabine was not only a lot of fun, it was also very inspirational.

S.B., Financial Manager, Vienna, Austria

“Working with Sabine was exactly what I needed. Her coaching assisted me in developing my next steps in my career whilst addressing some personal challenges. Her professionalism, empathy and listening skills along with her personality; the tools, the books and knowledge gave me a real boost. Sabine showed focus, a true interest and dedication to help me grow. Our sessions were honest exchanges, many laughs and also a few tears from time to time. Through the coaching, I discovered a new, better version of myself; increased self awareness, worth appreciation and I am more confident. I can highly recommend coaching with Sabine!”

M.M., Head of Supply Chain, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Things are going fantastic in my career! A little over a year after coaching with Sabine, I am in stride with my ambition. A few years ago, I was working in my field, but was frustrated by many obstacles to my goals. In fact, I was not all that clear of what those goals were. Sabine challenged me to uncover my priorities. Through a very logical and interesting program of psychological and behavioral adjustments, my path to success unfolded. Now, I don’t just make a living with what I love, but I am positioned for continual growth & inspiration, something that is important to me.
If you know that you want to change the way to approach your career, Sabine is a wonderful guide. Sabine was committed to our relationship and instilled in me a sense of accountability. She is flexible when life gets busy, but helped me stay on track to discovering what I needed most. It may have taken me many more years of stress and confusion without Sabine’s help. I’m so glad, now that the economy seems to be on the recovery, that I’m poised to capitalize. Thanks, Sabine!”

M.B., Director of Photography, New York, NY

Sabine has an incredible gift. Through my collaborative conversations with Sabine, she has helped me develop a deeper self-knowledge and resilience while discovering my path. She had a gentle way of carrying me through some difficult decisions, with intuitive insights and suggestions. I am deeply appreciative of her energy, attention and presence.

SG, Educational Entrepreneur, New York, NY

Sabine has a no-nonsense business sense which she combines with a compassionate nature, a keen curiosity, and an ability to see the Big Picture. She puts it all together and combines her clients’ special talents and skills to develop a business plan and strategies to reach their goals. The results are amazing!

L. L., Entrepreneur, New York City

I learned through Sabine how to structure my work in the way that I’m feeling comfortable in. My emotional balance and my view at myself also changed a lot during the time of our coaching sessions. I experienced a lot of empathy and support and I’m so grateful to have chosen her. Thanks Sabine!

A.R., Emerging Leader, Berlin, Germany