‘Be the change you want to see’. We all play a role creating change, and it starts by being role-models and embracing a growth mindset.

My passion is helping leaders develop a human-centered working environment, which offers the benefit of managing our VUCA-world in an enjoyable and motivational way.

I was inspired to become a coach after working with someone who helped me change my life during a major life crises. The experience made me want to learn how to be a coach, so I could help others become ‘the change we want to see’.

I have been coaching, working, leading, and developing businesses and global leaders for more than 25 years – in both NYC and Vienna, Austria.

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My Goal is Synergy

As an experienced and internationally certified (PCC) coach for business and executive leadership in the USA and Europe, I help my clients develop and strengthen their human-centered/Agile Leadership skills, thereby giving them the tools to manage the daily challenges of both their business and the people that contribute to its success. I also support my client’s personal growth by finding solutions that positively affect their professional and private lives.

My Professional Experience
  • 25+ years experience in corporate development, sales, and management in the USA and Europe (Adobe Systems, Condé Nast, APM Terminals, Corbis, Global Connections)
  • 10+ years abroad (NYC and Boston, now based in Vienna, Austria)
  • Since 2012: Owner of CareerDev Coaching in NYC and Austria
  • Mentor Coach at the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Webinars: “Business model YOU”, “Coaching Skills for Leaders”, “Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback”
  • Strongly influenced by personal “New Work“, “Teal“, and 9 Principles of Agile Leadership

My Coaching Experience
and Accreditations
  • 2200+ coaching hours with managers, executives and company leaders worldwide in English and German
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) via ICF – International Coach Federation
  • Workshops: “Personal Branding for Female Professionals”, “Coaching as a Leadership Method”, and “Work-Life Balance for Managers”
  • Author of the e-book “How to De-Stress
  • Energy Leadership and NLP Practitioner

Main Topics

  • Development of management and leadership skills with a focus on agile behavior and mindset (human-centered leadership)
  • Internal and external success positioning – Personal Branding to position for promotion to executive and C-level positions
  • Increased productivity and motivation through self-organization, resilience / stress management and conflict resolution techniques
  • Current issues such as Diversity & Inclusion Management
  • Effective virtual team leadership – whether local or global
  • Effective stakeholder management

The Coaching Game

by Laurie Lawson

The Coaching Game is a TV show that hosts Coaches around the world to explore options and expand minds. Laurie is a Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified EQMentor Coach.

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