“Who, exactly, seeks out a professional coach? Winners who want even more out of life.”

Chicago Tribune

Experiencing Coaching more than 15 years ago, that helped me change my life during a major life crises made me want to learn coaching and establish my very own coaching technique based on my experience and personality.

My focus: Having an impact on the development of leadership skills of leaders towards a human-centered working-environment with the benefit of handling our VUCA-world in an enjoyable motivational way.

I believe that most effective leadership ought to be human-centered: using skills of empowerment instead of directing: Imagine that your direct reports are super motivated because you enable their personal development and growth, working autonomous and self-organized; supporting and mentoring when needed. This strong belief and my own experiences, made me the person, I am today. I want to make an impact so that our experience at work is amazing and not draining.

My Belief

‘Be the change you want to see’. We play all a role in the change we want to see and that starts by being role-models and speaking up with a growth mindset.

My Journey

25 years of experience and expertise in business and leadership development, advising national and international companies, from SME’s to large corporates in the USA and Europe.

My Track Record

While living in the US, I developed multiple businesses and sales markets on the US East Coast. Back in Austria, I established a new product in the DACH market that empowered business growth of a global well-known brand.

My Passion

Sustainable growth of businesses AND leaders with the main focus on human-centricity.

My Mission

Optimization of self-management, leadership and success positioning with the aim of creating workplaces in which the ‘human’ is the focus.

My Key to Success

The combination of true passion, compassion, experience and the right individual methods is the key to my success.

Studies and research show that most motivated employees are those who feel appreciated and valued by their managers. Managers who manage with trust, open growth opportunities and truly care about their team members.“People work for their managers not for their companies”, we have probably all heard and experienced this saying in our work experience. If you feel that some of your team members are not motivated, you might want to consider to work on your leadership style towards a more ‘human-centered’ approach.

My Goal of our Synergy

As an experienced and internationally certified (PCC) coach for executive and business development in the USA and Europe, we work together to master daily challenges in company and employee management, to enable further development and to find sustainable solutions and can be used in all areas of life.

My Professional Experience

  • 25+ years experience in corporate development, sales and management in the USA and Europe (Adobe Systems, Condé Nast, APM Terminals, Corbis, Global Connections, etc.)
  • 10+ years abroad (NYC, Boston, now based in Vienna, Austria)
  • Since 2012: Owner of CareerDev Coaching in NYC and Austria
  • 10+ years experience in corporate and team management
  • Mentor Coach of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Webinars: “Business model YOU”, “Coaching Skills for Leaders”, “Giving and receiving effective feedback”
  • Strongly influenced by personal ‘new work’, ‘teal’ and agile leadership principles
  • Believes in the value of motivation in the workplace through meaningfulness, self-organization, cooperation, diversity and equality

My Coaching Experience and Accreditations

  • 1300+ coaching hours with managers, executives and company leaders worldwide in English and German
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) via ICF – International Coach Federation
  • Workshops: “Personal Branding for Female Professionals”, “Coaching as a Leadership Method”, “Work-Life Balance for Managers”
  • Author of the e-book “How to De-Stress”
  • Energy Leadership and NLP Practitioner

Main topics:

  • Development of management and leadership skills towards agile behavior, mindset and leading
  • Internal and external success positioning – Personal Branding towards promotions and C-Level
  • Diversity & Inclusion Management
  • Effective (global) virtual team leadership
  • Increased productivity and motivation through self-organization, resilience / stress management and conflict resolution techniques
  • Effective stakeholder management

What my clients say…

“Sabine challenged me to uncover my priorities. Through a very logical process of psychological and behavioral adjustments, my path to success unfolded.”

The Coaching Game by Laurie Lawson

The Coaching Game is a TV show that hosts Coaches around the world to explore options and expand minds. Laurie is a Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified EQMentor Coach.

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