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Partnership with LIVEsciences

If your company is ready to transform agile, contact me to learn more about my partnership with LIVEsciences – they lead the transformation, and I do the individual coaching to support this change.




The agile approach has proven so successful that it has moved out of IT and into all parts of organisations. Companies that are embracing the agile way are undergoing an “Agile Transformation.”

In this transformation the mindset and buy-in of the Executive Team is key, and that is where I come in – in one-on-one Agile Leadership Coaching we strengthen your Agile Leadership skills. Read more below.

For more about an Agile Transformation for your business, please visit LIVEsciences.

The term “Agile Leadership” has been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean everyone has magically become an Agile Leader!

It requires time, practice, and support to learn the many different qualities implied by “Agile Leadership”. As your company goes through an Agile Transformation, my goal is to enhance your knowledge and help you master the agile skills so you become inspirational and influential – which is especially needed in this VUCA world!

The result: a true leader, who can lead others in an inspirational and empowering way.

Learn about the key skills of Agile Leadership

Overview of an Agile Transformation and my partnership with LIVEsciences

Who is LIVEsciences?

LIVEsciences is a young consulting firm whose fundamental belief is that a more self-organizing “agile” culture is the best environment to facilitate innovation and growth in today’s fast-changing world.

They help business transform their workplaces to become “agile,” leveraging not just the Agile Principles, but also the teal paradigms of wholeness, self-organization, and evolutionary purpose, highlighting the the following:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working solutions over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan principle

The result? Faster decision-making processes, client centricity, shorter problem-solving cycles, more productivity, and higher motivation.

How I work together with LIVEsciences

If your firm wants to “go agile”, LIVEsciences, will lead the overall transformation; my role would be to coach the leadership/executive team on learning and modeling agile behaviour. Here are the steps:

LIVEsciences’ Role:

  • An initial conversation to understand where more agility can create value for your organization and/or team
  • Define the goals of the Agile Transformation
  • Create a design and timeline to implement the transformation steps

My Role:

Support the Agile Transformation with team and one-on-one coachings, specifically:

  • Develop your Agile Leadership skills through the Agile Transformation process
  • Identify and help you master the key agile attributes needed to become an inspirational and influential leader
  • Support and challenge you with different scenarios
  • Providing in-depth feedback, especially on blind spots
  • Share experiences as useful examples
  • Strengthen your story-telling skills and personal inspirational branding
  • Create a personal ‘tool box’ for team effectiveness and productivity

Contact me to have an exchange on your current agile status!

Individual Coaching

I coach leaders from mid-management to high-level executives, helping them develop their Agile Leadership skills.

Group/Team Coaching

I work with teams to optimize how they interact and communicate with each other, based on the principles of Agile Leadership – resulting in a highly motivated and productive environment.

I have extensive experience on coaching leaders on how to be more agile –

schedule an exploratory appointment on my contact page!

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