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Be seen and be heard for your expertise, accomplishments and unique talents – and get the career success you have earned.

Our self-paced Personal Branding Workshop Series has been carefully curated for women like you—ambitious, forward-thinking, and ready to command your space in the professional world. Personal Branding Workshop Series consists of 5 modules which you work in your own pace.

Dive into five engaging modules that make it simple to clarify your dreams, set goals, and spotlight what you do best. This journey is all about looking inward, finding where you are now, and discovering how far your personal brand can take you.

You’ll enjoy supportive feedback and exciting challenges that sharpen your self-awareness. Each step is designed to shape you into a more effective leader, thinker, and doer.

Let’s unleash your personal brand together and show the world your incredible potential. Get ready for a journey to your best self!

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  • We will have an initial conversation (30 min) where we will evaluate your current job situation and define the results you want to see after the workshop is completed.
  • You will take a Positive Intelligence (PIQ) Assessment before the workshop start date to identify your mental saboteurs.
  • Each week you will receive the material of one module (workbook and action guide) .
  • You read through the workbook of each module and work on the exercises and reflections of the action guide – getting you step by step to your unique Personal Branding
  • In our 1-on-1 coaching sessions we will address topics specific to your situation and create strategies for overcoming mental obstacles.
  • In WhatsApp message I will support you by answering questions that come up in the process.


and Outcomes

Personal Branding for Success
  • Alter how others perceive you to better reflect your skills and accomplishments
  • Better position yourself for your next career move
  • Increase your recognition and visibility at work
  • Better understand how to position yourself internally and externally
  • Understand and remove self-sabotaging behavior
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Identify and define your unique skills, strengths and expertise
  • Raise awareness of non-verbal communication skills
  • Build a strong internal and external network
  • Increase clarity about your life values, your career vision and goals

Content of the 5 modules – Step-by-Step – to your unique Personal Brand

Start date: Any time – as soon as you are ready!

MODULE 1 — Purpose of your Personal Brand
  • Understand your WHY
  • How your Personal Brand affects your career
  • Review your current brand – evaluate how others see you
MODULE 2 — Your career vision & goals (at your current or new job)
  • What is your life and career vision
  • Set inspiring goals for your own Personal Brand
  • Understand your values – why are you deciding what
MODULE 3 — Your self image – boost your self- confidence
  • Evaluate your self-image
  • Understand the unique you
  • Reduce self-sabotaging
  • Optimize your visual style
MODULE 4 — Optimize your online and offline communication
  • Choose the right language for reinforcing your brand
  • Identify behaviors consistent with your brand
  • Create your personal brand message and story
MODULE 5 — Leverage your positioning through your network
  • Analyze your current network
  • Your goals for networking
  • Strengthen and grow a powerful network

Get to know your Personal Branding Team:

Sabine Wieger

Executive Leadership Coach

Certified Professional Coach via ICF

Clare Merlo

Executive Leadership Coach

Certified Professional Coach via ICF

Sabine works with leaders to boost their (self) leadership skills and entrepreneurial thinking by helping them discover of their own unique talents, strengths, and potential – enabling them to accelerate their career and business success.


Most recently, Sabine has been coaching and guiding leaders through Agile/ teal Transformations towards human-centric workplaces, helping them optimize their impact and discover new opportunities arising from organizational changes.


Sabine is an energetic, dynamic, dedicated and passionate leadership and business development professional with over 25 years experience in business and leadership development in US and European markets.

As a facilitator of the Personal Branding Workshop, Clare guides you through developing your mental fitness. Through awareness and focusing techniques, Clare will help you learn how to meet life’s challenges by quieting your inner critic, allowing you to courageously take on career and business challenges with greater ease and less stress.


Clare has worked with a wide variety of businesses and organizations – from the United Nations in Italy to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in New York and Geneva, Switzerland, and UNON, in Nairobi, Kenya. As an Executive Coach to the Florida Leadership Development Program 2019 cohort, she worked to develop high-potential Government staff.

Sabine Wieger 

International Professional Certified Coach

Austria – Vienna

Tel AT: +43 676 364 0010

USA – New York

​Tel US: +1 917 725 5171