Executive Leadership


Master the skills necessary for creating a noticeable and sustainable change in the workplace for a positive, productive, and successful work environment.

Clients come to me because they and their teams feel stressed, overworked, frustrated with leadership and the amount of time spent in meetings. Together, we'll create a culture you love to work in.

Create teams that are motivated, productive,

and successful.

Human-centered leadership, also known as Agile Leadership (having moved beyond software development) creates an environment where team members feel trusted and empowered to take initiative, make decisions, and self-organize.

The result? You and those you work with will feel less stressed, more productive, and more motivated, leading to better outcomes, higher employee retention, and a sustainable work-life balance.

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How I help you become a human-centered (agile) Leader:

Here is a short overview of the skills I will help you master, and put into everyday practice:

  • Build relationships based on trust
  • Empathetic and adaptive communication
  • Active listening
  • Collaboration on eye-level
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership adaptability

We will have an initial consultation to get to know each other and lay out the goals and changes you want to see. Then I will create a program tailored for you that includes:

  • Supporting and challenging you with different scenarios
  • Providing in-depth feedback, especially on blind spots
  • Sharing experiences as useful examples
  • Enhancing your leadership skills to help you become inspirational and influential
  • Creating your personal ‘tool box’ for team effectiveness and productivity

Individual Coaching

I coach leaders from mid-management to high-level executives, helping them develop their individual (self) leadership skills.

Group/Team Coaching

I work with teams to develop their vision, understand the strengths and skills of various members, create trust, and define how they can work together most effectively – resulting in a highly motivated team that is able to maximise productivity. 

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Sabine Wieger 

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