Your customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Damon Richards

I have had the privilege of successfully coaching managers and entrepreneurs virtually around the globe for more than 10 years. The best references are those given by satisfied coaching clients. Below please find a selection of feedback from some of the amazing people I had the pleasure of working with.

Throughout the past 10+ years, working via video systems has proven time and cost effective, leaving a positive footprint on nature by reducing travel for my clients and myself.

Selected clients are available for a personal conversation – just reach out to me for more information.

“…highly committed to a result-oriented experience”

“I was introduced to Sabine through a corporate connection. Her professional background and approach were an immediate match for the requirements. She is intrinsically clever and a proactive listener, providing the right mix of questioning, rigor and encouragement to stretch boundaries that typically inhibit growth. I found her to be professionally able and quite naturally gifted but most importantly highly committed to a results-oriented experience. Through initial goal setting and subsequent coaching sessions, Sabine allowed me the space to reconsider and let go of past conclusions and habits that were biasing or limiting my thinking. She continued to provide meaningful and valuable insights and connections that improved my opportunities, small to large. Leaders under her mentoring can change the way they think for the better, unlock opportunities and find renewed energy to drive onward and upward.”

NL, General Manager

“…her approach to sales is not ‘salesy’”

Sabine ist eine großartige Unternehmensberaterin. Warum? Weil ihre Herangehensweise an den Verkauf nicht "salesy" ist, was für mich Augen-öffnend war. Sie coached und berated Sie, Ihren eigenen Verkaufs-Stil zu verstehen und sich auf die Bedürfnisse der Kunden zu konzentrieren. Sie ist sehr effektiv und es macht viel Spaß, mit ihr zu arbeiten.

C.M., Entrepreneur, Miami, USA

“…estimate an increase in all areas of my life”

It was the first time I participated in a coaching programme. I am more than successful in the things I do, both privately and professionally, but was not aware of it at all. At this point, many would probably wish to have these opportunities and possibilities at all, but many are not able to tackle them. Through the coaching with Sabine, I was able to implement an incredible number of things in a very short time that were and are decisive for me and my further career/future. These were things that I always had in mind, but never consciously faced. The coaching with Sabine helped me to set the right focus and against all the prejudices that now arise, the methodology and didactics that Sabine uses is not self-evident. I have never experienced a person who was able to analyse my personality so quickly and show me steps, all of which I accepted with the greatest gratitude and implemented in a very short time. For all those who need a quantifiable answer at this point: I would estimate an increase in all areas of my life at 60%. But this can never happen without the necessary discipline, diligence and openness. I have given Sabine my most valuable asset, namely trust. She handled it more than professionally and every single coaching session was a personal benefit for me. At this point, I would like to clearly recommend coaching with Sabine!

J.H., IT Consultant

“…she will help you to develop new ways of dealing with the issue and acting on it”

Sabine will help you in a personal, structured and committed way to identify your blind spots and understand your own and other peoples’ motivation with regards to the issue at hand thereby exposing new perspectives. From there she will help you to develop new ways of dealing with the issue and acting on it.

C.S., Sr. Legal Councel, Austria

“Sabine helped me to improve my understanding of the environment I am part of”

“Working with Sabine helped me to improve my understanding of the environment I am part of and therefore need to adapt to in order to be effective, successful and overall enjoy my time at work. She actively listens to your current problems and is totally flexible with problems that occurred in between sessions. After reflecting on what I have learned working with Sabine, I am planning to further expand my training at the end of this year. Everyone who is looking to strengthen his/her upstanding of team dynamics and wants to learn how to efficiently communicate with others will learn a ton.”

Hendrik Siemes, Sales Manager Cloud Business Solutions, Münster, Germany

“Sabine has a no-nonsense business sense”

Sabine hat einen sehr guten Geschäftssinn, den sie mit ihrer einfühlsamen Persönlichkeit, einer aufmerksamen Neugier und der Fähigkeit, das Gesamtbild zu sehen, verbindet. Sie fasst alles zusammen und kombiniert die besonderen Talente und Fähigkeiten ihrer Kunden, um einen Geschäftsplan und Strategien zur Erreichung ihrer Ziele zu entwickeln. Die Ergebnisse sind herausragend!

L.L., Entrepreneur, NYC, USA

“I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my leadership.”

I am not a person that opens really quickly towards others, but with Sabine I developed a great level of trust in a short time. It was always a pleasure to have coachings with her – she listened and helped me to understand and realise a lot about my personality and how it affects my business life. I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my leadership.

H.J., Head of Retail Expansion Europe, Austria

“I have a clear vision now, can focus on my strengths…”

Due to working with Sabine I have a clear vision now, can focus on my strengths and topics of passion as well as trusting in myself and my future way. C.V. Senior Competence Specialist & Coach

C.V., Senior Competence Specialist & Coach, Germany

“She is flexible when life gets busy, but helped me stay on track”

Things are going fantastic in my career! A little over a year after coaching with Sabine, I am in stride with my ambition. A few years ago, I was working in my field, but was frustrated by many obstacles to my goals. In fact, I was not all that clear of what those goals were. Sabine challenged me to uncover my priorities. Through a very logical and interesting program of psychological and behavioral adjustments, my path to success unfolded. Now, I don’t just make a living with what I love, but I am positioned for continual growth & inspiration, something that is important to me. If you know that you want to change the way to approach your career, Sabine is a wonderful guide. Sabine was committed to our relationship and instilled in me a sense of accountability. She is flexible when life gets busy, but helped me stay on track to discovering what I needed most. It may have taken me many more years of stress and confusion without Sabine’s help. I’m so glad, now that the economy seems to be on the recovery, that I’m poised to capitalize. Thanks, Sabine!”

M.B., Director of Photography, NYC, USA

“She now coaches me no matter which city my work takes me to.”

Sabine ist ein herausragender Coach mit außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten. Die Arbeit mit ihr hat mir in vielerlei Hinsicht geholfen. Sie wählte sorgfältig die Werkzeuge und Reflexionstechniken aus, die es mir ermöglichten, meine Arbeit viel strukturierter und effizienter anzugehen. Die Gespräche mit Sabine führen zu einer klaren Sicht auf meine Ziele und wie ich sie erreiche. Am Anfang haben wir in persönlichen Meetings gearbeitet und als ich New York verließ, hatte ich einige Zweifel, ob Online-Coaching genauso effektiv sein würde. Es stellte sich als großartige Alternative heraus. Sie coacht mich jetzt, egal in welche Stadt mich meine Arbeit führt. Unsere wöchentlichen Sitzungen helfen mir enorm, Hindernisse und mentale Blockaden zu überwinden. Sabine ist sehr aufmerksam hinsichtlich meiner Bedürfnisse und die Arbeit mit ihr hat mich dazu gebracht, viel selbstreflektierter zu sein. Ihre ständige positive Einstellung und Motivation inspiriert mich immer wieder. Und vor allem fühle ich mich nach jeder Sitzung positiv und habe eine klare Vorstellung davon, wie ich die nächste Herausforderung vor mir angehen kann.

C.M., Legal Counsel, Frankfurt, Germany

“I developed a new vision for my company”

Ich kann definitiv empfehlen, mit Sabine zu arbeiten. Innerhalb von nur einem Monat entwickelte ich eine neue Vision für mein Unternehmen und verwaltete effektiv meine eingeschränkten Sichtweisen auf bestimmte Geschäftsthemen, mit welchen ich schon länger zu kämpfen hatte, was beweist, wie effektiv es ist, mit einem sehr erfahrenen Berater und Coach wie Sabine zusammenzuarbeiten!

T.A., Small Business Owner, NYC, USA

“Sabine has helped me develop a deeper self-knowledge and resilience while discovering my path”

Sabine hat eine unglaubliche Begabung. Durch meine gemeinsamen Gespräche mit Sabine hat sie mir geholfen, eine tiefere Selbsterkenntnis und Belastbarkeit zu entwickeln und gleichzeitig meinen Weg zu entdecken. Sie hatte eine sanfte Art, mich durch einige schwierige Entscheidungen mit intuitiven Einsichten und Vorschlägen zu führen. Ich bin zutiefst dankbar für ihre Energie, Aufmerksamkeit und Präsenz.

S.G., Educational Entrepreneur, NYC, USA

“…the tools, the books and knowledge gave me a real boost”

“Working with Sabine was exactly what I needed. Her coaching assisted me in developing my next steps in my career whilst addressing some personal challenges. Her professionalism, empathy and listening skills along with her personality; the tools, the books and knowledge gave me a real boost. Sabine showed focus, a true interest and dedication to help me grow. Our sessions were honest exchanges, many laughs and also a few tears from time to time. Through the coaching, I discovered a new, better version of myself; increased self awareness, worth appreciation and I am more confident. I can highly recommend coaching with Sabine!”

M.M., Head of Supply Chain, Lausanne, Switzerland

“I experienced a lot of empathy and support and I’m so grateful to have chosen her”

“I learned through Sabine how to structure my work in the way that I’m feeling comfortable in. My emotional balance and my view at myself also changed a lot during the time of our coaching sessions. I experienced a lot of empathy and support and I’m so grateful to have chosen her. Thanks Sabine!”

A. R., Emerging Leader, Berlin, Deutschland

“I looked for my real passion and calling”

“Sabine is a very experienced and empathetic coach. Having her as my coach was the best investment in 2021. She asked about my expectations before our 1st session and at our last session. I could confidently say that she met 120% of my expectations. The changes she brought to me are tremendous. I looked for my real passion and calling. She helped me to find them out and worked together with me to have a detailed action plan. Now, I am very confident and motivated to chase my dreams in the next few years. Thank you, Sabine!”

YS, Global Sr. Talent Manager, Berlin, Germany

“It helped me to keep my focus and working on my own as well as on my teams development”

“For me, coaching time with Sabine was the most useful time of the week. It helped me to keep my focus and working on my own as well as on my teams development. A real added value in developing leadership skills, team empowerment and a new way of working.”

N.A., Service Sales Director, Switzerland

“Sabine was impressively quick in realizing what the current situation was for me”

“Sabine is impressively quick in realizing what the current situation of me as a coachee is. She feels whether I am in a an energetic or in a stressed mode. Thanks for being able to adapt various perspectives and challenging me in the right moments.”

LB, Leader in Marketing & Comms of an NGO, Hamburg, Germany

“…understand dynamics in a business environment and how to communicate and present myself in this setting”

“Sabine helped me better understand dynamics in a business environment and how to communicate and present myself in this setting. I loved working with her and will certainly reach out to her in the future.”

C.G., Innovations Consultant, Hamburg, Germany

“Sabine has an exceptional sensitivity for her clients situation”

“I highly valued each and every minute of my coaching. Besides the professional input Sabine has an exceptional sensitivity for her clients situation”

“I did not expect to achieve as much as we did together”

“Sabine has been paving the way for me to find the solutions of my challenges. I did not expect to achieve as much as we did together.”

Christian Engnath, Entrepreneur in Residence @ finleap, Berlin Germany

“…added enormous value to the way I work”

Sabine has a strong personality that responded 100% to my needs. I really enjoyed the work together and it added enormous value to the way I work.

S.B. Inside Sales, Germany

“She knew how to help me to have more clarity”

“My time was Sabine was really valuable. She knew how to help me to have more clarity even when I did not know what I wanted to be helped with. Thanks a lot for that!”


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