Executive Leadership


Master the skills necessary for a noticeable and sustainable change. Then use them to create a positive, productive, and successful work environment.

Clients come to me because they and their teams feel stressed, overworked, frustrated with leadership and the amount of time spent in meetings. Together, we’ll create a culture you love to work in.

Leadership that motivates

talent to be productive

and successful.

Human-centered leadership, also known as Agile Leadership (having moved beyond software development) creates an environment where team members feel trusted and empowered to take initiative, make decisions, and self-organize.

The result? You and those you work with will feel less stressed, more productive, and more motivated, leading to better outcomes, higher employee retention, and a sustainable work-life balance.

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How I help you become a human-centered (agile) Leader:

Here is a short overview of the skills I will help you master, and put into everyday practice:

  • Build relationships based on trust
  • Empathetic and adaptive communication
  • Active listening
  • Collaborate as equals
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership adaptability

We will have an initial consultation to get to know each other and lay out the goals and changes you want to see. Then I will create a program tailored for you that includes:

  • Supporting and challenging you with different scenarios
  • Providing in-depth feedback, especially on blind spots
  • Sharing experiences as useful examples
  • Enhancing your leadership skills to help you become inspirational and influential
  • Creating your personal ‘tool box’ for team effectiveness and productivity


your Talent is a crucial part of good Leadership.

Studies show that investing in your team members development is crucial for their motivation, and also for retaining them. They feel more supported, recognized, and engaged with you as a leader, and with the job.

Plus, everyone benefits – the employee, you, and the business.

I offer MasterClasses for teams in combination with group and one-on-one coaching on Agile Leadership and on Inclusion for sustainable development and impact on innovation and profits.

Individual Coaching

I coach first time leaders on developing their authentic leadership style; mid-management and high-level executives on adapting their leadership skills incorporating Principles of Agile and human-centric Leadership.

Group/Team Coaching

I work with teams to grow stronger together, understanding and supporting each other – especially when their collaboration needs to be effective in a virtual or hybrid setting.

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