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For Female Professionals

Create your Personal Branding and Own your Success!

Are you a hard working woman in the mid of her career, yet are not considered for a promotion or offered an interesting job opportunity? In todays competitive world you will need to position yourself in a way to be seen for your unique strengths and expertise. Working smarter instead of harder!

With your personal brand you are seen by the right people as highly competent and capable at your workplace and industry. Working aligned with your values and vision, within your unique strengths and authentic personality will allow you to not only being more successful but also living a more fulfilled life.

Three steps towards your unique personal branding

Wherever you stand in your career – alignment and adjustment of your current positioning and how you are seen at your current job can attract your next promotion, new opportunities, roles, projects, new clients, etc. Already some small adjustments, will make a difference: Learn in our free Masterclass what difference the right positioning makes. Our Basic Personal Branding course you will leave with concrete action steps of adjustment.

For a complete overhaul and re-positioning of your current brand, book a free 30 min conversation to evaluate your current brand and if it is the right time for going through the intense 8-week personal branding workshop. All workshops are held in English language only.



‘Positioning yourself for Success’ –
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Workshop on the importance of the right positioning in your job for your career advancement
Workshop, hands-on
90 min virtual live Zoom
What is a personal brand
Why do you need one
Basic evaluation of your current brand

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€149 +VAT

Personal Branding

Basic Workshop
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Workshop to implement basic steps to align your current positioning based on your expertise
Workshop, hands-on
2 live sessions a 90 min
Your brand positioning
Your career vision/goals
Your image (self/others)
Alignment action steps

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Start date: Oct 5th, 2021

Personal Branding


Intense Workshop to develop and implement step-by-step your unique personal branding
Workshop, hands-on
8 live sessions a 90 min
Positive Intelligence Assessment and debrief
3 Coaching sessions incl One-on-one feedback
Brand messaging
Behavior adjustments

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Masterclass – Intro to ‘Positioning Yourself for Success’

Content of the Masterclass

  • What is a personal brand
  • Benefits of creating your unique personal branding
  • Evaluation of your positioning at your current job
  • Self image and how others see you at your company

Outcome of the Masterclass

  • Understanding your current personal brand
  • Action steps for further brand evaluation
  • Ideas for aligning your current positioning towards your goals (e.g. life-work balance, a promotion, new opportunities, etc.)

Learn how positing your uniqueness can make you more visible at your busy job

Free Masterclass

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Personal Branding Basic – Positioning Yourself for Success –

€149 + VAT

If you are a hard working woman in your mid-career, working long-hours and not feeling recognized for your work, and you just want to be seen as your unique self, attracting projects, a promotion new roles, etc rather than working hard for it, than this workshop is for you.

Together and in small groups you will work on your base of your personal brand and will leave with action steps that you can take right away for aligning of the current positioning in your company

Developing the Basics

  • In the two 90-minutes live group coaching workshops (Sept 21, Sept 28), we will work on your current positioning and create action steps that you can implement right away.

  • In-between the two live sessions, you get to work on your action guide and have an exchange with your learning buddy

Objectives & Outcome

  • Evaluation of your current positioning
  • Your benefits of a different positioning
  • Understanding your self image
  • Understanding others view about you
  • Getting seen for what you want to be known for
  • Action steps for alignment

Continuing Positioning

If you are not clear about your career vision and goals (where do you see yourself in 2, 3, 5 years?) join us in building your personal brand in a step by step process based on your life vision.

You will find all details about the continued 8-weeks workshop below.

What our Participants say

Personal Branding Advanced – 8-Weeks Step-by-Step Workshop – Oct 5th, 2021

 The goal of the advanced Personal Branding workshop is to build your unique personal brand step-by-step, so that you know how to position yourself best and set yourself up for success by being seen and recognized for your expertise, special skills and your personality.

Details from start to finish

  • In our initial conversation (30 min), we evaluate your current job positioning and what benefits you see in the 8-weeks-workshop
  • You take the Positive Intelligence (PIQ) Assessment before the workshop start date, that will help you see your mental saboteurs
  • Each week we will meet in our 90-min- live workshop sessions (Modules 1 to 8) and develop your personal brand in a step by step interactive process
  • In-between the live workshops you will work on your individual action guide, work book and learning buddy and apply action steps
  • our 1-on-1 coaching sessions include feedback on your action guide and helping you overcome mental obstacles
  • In our WhatsApp group we support you by answering questions
  • To continuously strengthen your new positioing, we meet again 5 weeks after finishing the course

What makes this workshop unique AND successful

  • Small groups of max. 8 amazing ladies
  • Developing your career success in a save environment
  • Ongoing feedback, challenges and support of success-proven experienced certified executive leadership coaches
  • We aim for participants’ diversity in all possible aspects
  • Building a strong network because of the internationality of this course and the mix of cultures and industries
  • You experience a combination of increased self-awareness, (self)-leadership, entrepreneurial thinking and mindset / behavior change
  • No risk – money back guarantee after the first module

Content of the 8 modules – step-by-step

Module 1: Purpose of your personal brand

Module 2: Your career vision & goals (at your current or new job)

Module 3: Your self image

Module 4: Your brand message – your brand statement

Module 5: Develop your brands visual style

Module 6: Optimize your online and offline communication

Module 7: Leverage your positioning through your network

Module 8: Manage your personal brand

Outcome and objectives

  • Getting recognized and known at work
  • Understanding how to position yourself internally and externally
  • Clarity about your life values, your career vision and goals
  • Adjusting your perception by others toward your next career level
  • Understanding and removing self-sabotage mechanism
  • Boosting your self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Knowing your unique skills, strengths and expertise
  • Observable and subtle communication skills
  • Building a strong internal and external network

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Your Personal Branding Team

Sabine Wieger

Executive Leadership Coach

Professional Certified Coach via ICF

Clare Merlo

Executive Leadership CoachProfessional Certified Coach via ICF

Sabine works with leaders to boost their (self) leadership skills and entrepreneurial thinking to reach their personal and professional goals and aspirations. Through discovery of their own uniqueness, strengths and potential, and positioning them most effectively in their roles, her clients accelerate their career and business success.

Most recently, Sabine has been coaching and guiding leaders through agile / teal transformation towards human-centric workplaces, to help them optimize the impact on their roles and discover new opportunities opened by organizational change. Her success-proven method is sustainable and environmental friendly, coaching virtually with leaders around the world for more than 10 years accruing 1300+ of client coaching hours.

Sabine is an energetic, dynamic, dedicated and passionate leadership and business development professional with over 25 years experience in business and leadership development in US and European markets.

Clare has been coaching for 10 years, actively accruing 1250+ of client coaching hours. As a facilitator of the Personal Branding workshop, Clare guides you through developing your mental fitness. Through awareness and focus techniques, you will learn to meet life’s challenges by quieting your inner critic, thus allowing you to courageously take on career and business challenges, with greater ease and less stress.

Clare has wide-ranging experience in finance and non-for-profit, technology consulting for the United Nations in Italy at the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Programme and as the Director of Business Solutions in Miami.

She has experience coaching teams and leaders through a worldwide change initiative at the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in New York and Geneva, Switzerland and UNON, Nairobi, Kenya that we can draw upon. As an Executive Coach to the Florida Leadership Development Program 2019 cohort, she worked with high potential Government staff.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Branding

What is the difference between Personal Brand and Business Brand?

A business brand is built around an identity you create for your business and is independent of your personal name. A personal brand is built around you personally.

What is the benefit of creating a Personal Brand?

As personal branding is about your personality, your expertise and unique skills, the main benefit is to take the opportunity to stand out and be seen for what and how you want to be seen depending on what you are aiming to accomplish. For an universal answer to the question: the development of your personal brand will accelerate your professional success.

How do you start creating your Personal Brand?

Start with an evaluation and self-reflection of the positioning at your current job. How are you perceived and for what are you known for? Are you seen how you want to be seen? And are you known for the skills and expertise that you want to be known for? How does your current positioning align with your career vision and goals?

What is the definition of Personal Branding in a corporate environment?

Personal branding in a corporate environment is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their expertise, industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence and have larger impact.

Why is a Personal Brand important for your career advancement?

Your personal brand is key to your professional success as it gives you the opportunity to emphasize your strengths, skills, expertise and passions to help set you apart from others. A strong personal brand will make sure that people know you as the authentic and unique professional you want them to see you.

What are some tips for a strong Personal Brand?

Consistency and authenticity: Act in a way that fits in with your perceived image. Ensure that your personal brand matches what people say about you in your absence.

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